Sunday, March 6, 2011

The funny calendar

January -Jeanette Aw

Many people didn't like her. But honestly i kinda like her. I mean definitely not the way she talks or act but her face! Her style! But poor thing she's forever stucked with' Nyona'. Even her photoshoot they requested her to take the green nonya kuey...

Febuary -Li Nan Xing
Despite this photo looking damn 70's, he looks mad young here! I think he's man...

March -Michelle Chia
All time diva. Sexy, curvy, luxurious hair. Marry a handsome guy. Likable...

April -Ferlicia Chin

No she really doesn't looks appealing to me in this picture at all. Admit it, u did plastic surgery!

May -U can't believe i actually do not know his name. 'E' something... It's ok he looks like the miniature hulk in the car garage anyway.

June -Fann Wong

Hahahahahaahahhhhaaa she definitely has that face in this picture! Come f*** me i'm a china whore! Didn't really quite like her though i think she's really pretty with black hair and bangs. She should keep bangs! She has a really long and ugly fore head!!! Once again she looks damn funny! She's so lucky!!!!! (Christopher Lee)
July -Rui En

I simply can't help but conclude she actually looks like a bull dog. I swear i really think she did plastic surgery! She's kinda pretty in the 9pm show! Nevertheless she's so slender...

I like her picture concept the most. No semi-naked. No china whores, no oldies.. Love the idea of the plant growing in a starbucks cup!

August -The one i hate most all time.

I don't care if guys find her pretty or sexy or ok probably she is, both, but i still hate her! To the hard core max i might just kill her if i see her on the street. The truth is i did. Hahahahahhaaha ok i mean i did see her on the street before really long time ago. She was in her shades trying to let no one noticed her so guess what i did. I shouted very loudly across the street. FIONA! I was only 10 i think. I was such a brillant child.
Oh yes i purposely took the picture like this because i hate her face. If u guys are ever interested there you go,

You can have a full view of her "Suck-rich-cock" bitch face.
September -Tay Ping Hui

Another awesome shot because i am a September baby!!! Hahhahaaahahahahahhahaa
October -Joanna Peh

Another lucky nonya whom got some rich angmoh as her boyfriend. I don't really like her face. But her as a whole yes. Don't find her pretty but nevertheless very envious of her qualifications!!She seems quite nice on Twitter... But i don't like her BIG TEETH.
November -Dai Yang Tian

No comments.
December -Zoe Tay!

She has an exclaimation mark because i like her! I think she's the prettiest mum! EVER! She looks so sexy in purple. I can see her cleavage..... I like!
A zoom in of her angelic face!

Nice 2011 calendar.


Sigh my boyfriend can ever look so good feeling upset. HAHA

Mahjong till morning at MingTak's place. ZzzZZzzz the thought of it and the vodka makes me wanna vomit!

Pretty pink chips!

MingTak teaching her how to play...

Gossip girls again! :) Love them to the max.
My fav min-maid orange juice every morning.

Hahhaahha the cat under baby's blk. We call it the cow! I can't stop laughing don't u think it seriously looks like a cow eating grass?!?!?!!! I am so mad creative.

Am waiting for boyfriend to wake up! Enjoy ur Monday BLUESSSSSS people!
PS: Why do u guys have to do this 'on-par' thing for my poll about my hair?! Black 0r brown?!!!

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