Saturday, March 5, 2011

I am back!!

For a short while.

Well have been pretty busy with work this whole week. By the time i reach home i'm usually dead beat. Definitely to tired to blog..

Anyway. You guys will be super inhuman if you don't find the below SUPER adorable.



TADA MR BEAN! Omg did u guys see the advertisement for broadcasting on TV? I don't know why i seriously have this fetish to the bean! Don't you people actually think it looks MAD adorable and super pleasing? Each time i saw its pictures of advertisement i'll just smile to myself like some gaga. So yesterday when i saw the advertisement again and bf's place i can't conquer my very own excitement so i told him, "Baby, how i wish our son just looks like that.. So cute!"

Bf: NO? All his friends/classmates will laugh at him!

Me: You mean u won't enroll him into a school?

Bf: NO? How to go to school like that? With a leaf on his head.

Then we laughed non stop... Omg i'm so obsessed with the bean. Very very obsessed....

Ok my post is just about the bean. HA!!!

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