Saturday, February 12, 2011

I still don't understand why is clubbing fun

Went Zirca with Ming tak and Chrystal. Was looking forward because it's to just purely catch up with them and have some fun. But honestly there's no fun at all. I don't like clubbing! I'm serious clubbing is so not my style. I always thought it might be because i'm always 'sleeping beauty' and i'm always tired when it comes to 1am. HOW TO HAVE NIGHT LIFE? Or probably it was because i was underage precisely although there were underage parties and private events but i've never been to one. Now i finally know why.

It's not fun at all!!! I hate Zirca's music. But there were hell loads of eurasians yesterday. I meant it. HELL loads of them. They look damn Zac Efron/Justin Bieber. I was totally surrounded by them last night. I danced with one eurasian lady non stop. But i left the guys alone. One cutie put his cap on my head and end up i 'kup' back to his head i think he felt quite dejected. Some freaking ass asked me if i'm Nicole Wong and is my dad Terry Wong or something. WHO THE FUCK ARE THEY? -.-

And i meant it i saw this china-looking girl pushing her ass to one 'Zac Efron''s dick. I saw the WHOLE OF HER PANTY. Nevertheless so not appealing. I don't like to discriminate people la! But when it's clubbing i just can't help it.


I'm really not a clubbing person.

So people u guys can definitely give up asking me to go club. To me it's hell boring i'd rather sleep at home.

Nevertheless had quite abit of fun because it was with Ming tak and Chrystal! Love the both of them hell loads! And met up with baby after that because that silly boyfriend of mine insisted on seeing me home. Poor thing he got worried the whole damn night. Hugs....*

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