Friday, February 4, 2011

I don't like chinese new year

I don't like CNY! Don't ask me why i just hate it. But anyway i still took alot of photos... Only for day 1. Day 2 and 3 no photos.

My childhood cousins i grew up with! The one next to me holding my shoulders with babaric fingers is my brother. YOUNGER brother.

My nephew. He's mad cute he kept taking the nuts thinking they are chocolate...

Mother's side. Chloe with her little cheongsam.
I look mad ugly so i have to blur it. But i've never realized i'm this tall LOL

My 2nd bf!

Chloe's mummy Shan shan I'm serious although she's mad annoying at times but she's kinda cute. She scratched me thrice!! On cny day 1!! Feel like BBQ-ing her sometimes.

I look so tanned here.

Won't be updating so much without my camera! Pftt. I'll update again with my camera!: (
I really hate CNY especially this year when nothing goes right! Nothing!!!!!!
I wanna change my hairstyle! i want my fringe to grow long, center parting dye it black!

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