Sunday, June 26, 2011


2011 has been significant for me. Not yet over, but soon. Time flies. It's already coming to an end of June. And finally i came to realize some changes about me.

OK FINE other than not blogging as regularly as i have been for the past few years.

I have not exactly gone out, no party, no drinking no late out nights. All i bother was work. To me work did not take up alot of my time. Afterall it's only Mon-Fri and 9-6pm. But the remaining free time was just purely or resting. I enjoy doing nothing staying at home one whole day over the weekends. I enjoy chilling/catching a movie alone. It has been some time since i last did that because i have darling boy with me wherever i go, whatever i do. Of course, a good thing. I really couldn't remember when was the last time i went out with big bunch of friends, have a good time and laughed everything off. To me, 3 is more than perfect. I'm always hanging out in threes.

I miss Jordan and Jonathan. I miss Xin Yi, I miss Ming Tak, Ernest and Arvel. I miss my MDIS classmate although we were never really close. I miss Wenye.

But also, time has proven that true friendship does not require spending alot of time together. It could be just once every few months, as long as it good, it does not matter where u go or what u do. Moreover how often we meet. And of course, i have only been spending quality time with Chrystal and bf. The last time i spent quality time with Xinyi, cooking over at her place was 3 months ago. The last time i spent quality time with Jordan chilling against the wind was 6 months ago. The last time i spent quality with Chrystal along Orchard rd was 2 months ago. The last time i spent quality time with Ming tak was 4 months ago at Zirca.

I don't know who's bad it is that we are stop hanging out. Everyone proclaimed i'm the busy one. Maybe... If that is the case i'd be busy for the rest of my life. Because the only thing i did was WORK. And boyfriend. If that is how people define busy and 'disturbing' then i'd have nothing to say. Anyway there are always people whom leaves footprints in your life :') It's common.

2011 is the first year i started working full time. My first 4 digit pay ever for 19 years of my life. A good start at UOB. Might not be permanent for long, but definitely has given me very good learning opportunities and a beautiful pen down in my resume for on coming interviews. And i have met some super good pals at work starting from colleagues. Met a very pleasant girl rebecak and a very sweet friend Rhenzon. And others.

June has been the 7th month for me and Shaun. Definitely too good to be true.. We are doing very fine in case you guys are wondering. And we will be doing fine for the rest of our lives. :)

Sincerely hope you guys had an awesome weekend =)

PS: People says i look very different from the neoprints. REALLY MEH?!

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