Friday, July 29, 2011


Hi guys i am finally 'back'. I understand the super lag of updates but i was really busy! With work! Now that my uob contracted ended finally i have abit of air to myself but then again i am searching for a job again. Have only been to 1 interview. NO CONFIDENCE AT ALL. Boo..

Anw! Finally i have some pictures from my Blackberry. My camera has seriously not been charged for months. And i have not brought it out to some exercise also. So bad that the next time i bring it out, it might just get mad and explode at me.

Here is my dearest god son! Aolin's bb boy Dexter :>

And of course my lil Chloe! I've been spending soo much time with her these days while i'm jobless free. She's really a talkative sweet heart. With PMS.

She threw tantrums and decided to sit alone. zz

A few changes about me.

I'm so in love with Cafe Cartel!!

The mussels..................

My fav seafood spag.

And these few months that i've not blogged regularly, i believe i did mention about my eye infection! Damn disgusting!! Ok it's not that disgusting till blood flew out but i'm serious, i get very very sensitive when it comes to eyes. I mean... I hate the tiny blood vessels!!! I find them utterly gruesome and no joke my hair will stand and i might just shiver and faint.

So, this is practically what happened to my eye.

Maybe it's not gruesome to you people but it's mad gross to me!! It was very red! And it was only around my pupil which made it extra disgusting. Yucks talking about it makes me wanna vomit. So anyway, i wore specs for 1 month of my work time in UOB. HAHA ok no big deal. And i've put a stop to my fake eye lashes and everything. Well since quite sometime ago just that i haven't got time to really camwhore and post. I might do that if i have an iphone with the front camera. BUT I LIKE BLACKBERRY.

Ok to make it up for the disgusting eye i've got there,

You guys can have a picture of the latest me I took this after noon.


Alright! It's midnight already. Shall turn in early. If anyone gets to read this post, i'm so serious i take my hat off you!!! I haven't update for soo long.................................

Good night guys! :>

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